About Me
Steve Young
I am a father of four, husband to my gorgeous wife for more than half my life, a serial entrepreneur, and a sincere Christ-follower. Additionally, I am a professional writer with decades of experience helping others with relationship building in the home, church, or business arenas.  

I offer the skills I've used to build my own businesses to help you!  I'm a whiz at building content for business websites and blogs, know a ton about the Microsoft Office suite, and love coaching others about their own personal productivity and relationships. 

[Please add sufficient quantities of humility to the above description!]  :-)

About Jimmy Sadler
is a wonderful photographer and web developer. In another life, he directed video projects and video editing. He’s a world traveler who’s finally settled in North Carolina for a bit. His commitment to his craft is almost as strong as his commitment to his God. As often as he can, he spends time with his two daughters seeing the country together.